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We are pet clothing manufacturer, We manufacture all range of clothing for dog, cats and other pet animals, We also provide animal themed clothing for humans


Why we started this brand?

Chinque is our pet dog , Breed (Beagle), Came to our life in the year 2013. When chinque came to our family, I was a dog hated person I dont like dogs and I am afraid of dogs.Chinque with his unconditional love and massive cuteness ,melted the stone hearted me into a chinque lover.Chinque is the Top person in our family and even the HERO in our street. Since chinque was brought up in textile city tirupur. The smell of knitted garment and love for knitted garment for chiqnue is endless.Chinque’e all time favourite toy is a piece of Knitted cloth.I used to say always “oru naal unnaku oru thuni thechu kudukuren paaru” in tamil language, When mean “I will stitch one dress and give you”.During the tough time of our family,Chinque was the one person who spreaded happiness and positivity in our lives. During my early business days, chinque was the one who accompanied me day and night.But unfortunately chiqnue was developing nervous disorder from the year 2018. We used to treat him and then he will beat all his sickness and come our positively each time, That was a rollercoaster ride in chinque’s life. But finally in the year 2022 Chinque was not able to come out of that serious disorder on 12.11.2022,he left us with untold word , just with all his pain. In this rememberance to spread his untold love, we launched Brand “Chinqooper” on 12.12.2022 Exactly one month after his dismiss in the same hospital where chinque took his last breath and spent the last day of his life